Facts You Need To Know About Commercial Window Cleaning

Facts You Need To Know About Commercial Window Cleaning

There are several high quality window cleaning services in Winnipeg. They value both commercial and residential window cleaning so as to offer you quality professional services. They have the experience and knowledge to economically take control of your window washing project. You can trust the window cleaning Winnipeg services like Polar building cleaning service to take care of the most demanding window cleaning needs that your office may have.

The cleaning services at PBC are continually being expanded to compliment the window services. Due to this you can have a one stop shop for the related and window repair needs. They will provide you with regular programs for maintenance to keep your commercial building looking as good as the day you started operations.

Commercial window cleaning

The commercial window cleaning Polar Building Cleaning professionals in Winnipeg have the knowledge to tackle any requirement to clean the different sizes of windows. When you are prospecting their services the following standard procedures will take place;

  • Getting quotes for the service

Polar Building Cleaning Company may accept phone enquiries of their services. They will want to know the following before giving a quote;


  • Size of windows
  • Accessibility to the windows to be cleaned
  • Number of windows being cleaned

If the windows are made of standard materials that the Polar Building Cleaning Winnipeg team are familiar with, then it will be easy for them to give you a firm quote on the phone. If the jobs are complex, they will give estimates and only give a firm quote when delivering the service or when they have had time to inspect the windows being cleaned.

  • Window cleaning service fee

The window cleaners in Winnipeg rarely quote prices based on the windows that are being cleaned. They usually set a minimum cost for their services and the additional charges will be based on;

  • Accessibility to the windows
  • Difficulty in cleaning the windows
  • Size of the windows

They may charge extra for cleaning the window accessories such as storm windows and screens.

  • Time frame to complete the window cleaning

This will depend on a number of variables that could prolong the cleaning of the process which are not foreseen at the beginning of the project.

  • Preparation

All objects that would destruct access to the windows need to be removed. Some of the window cleaners Winnipeg have no issues clearing. However, it does eat up on the time that has been set to clean the windows. Therefore, you need to find solutions before the window cleaners come.


  • Cleaning suppliers

Window cleaning Winnipeg professionals have a standard cleaning solution. However, you can have preference for some of the brands. You can request the cleaners to use those instead. This usually happens when you want to use eco friendly solutions for your commercial windows. There may be i slightly increased charge based on the product request.

  • Licenses

You need the services of licensed professionals so it would be easy to make an insurance claim if they do shoddy work. The window cleaners from nationally recognized organizations should be preferred such as the Polar Building Cleaning Company.

Let the Polar Building Cleaning team keep your windows looking great. From the most accessible to the inaccessible windows, the professional cleaners will get the job done. They follow all the safety precaution to ensure their own safety and those in the surrounding. They have effective and efficient ways to resolve the access problems and leave all you windows looking great. All the professionals at Polar Building Cleaning are certified and are able to operated booms and lift and can handle any size of commercial building.