Do we have what it takes to be a Professional Cleaning Company in Winnipeg?

When I was asked by my Management to help contribute to our CleanBlog on our website, I was more than thrilled!  There is so many topics to discuss in the cleaning industry I had no idea where to begin!  Do I start with what major items to look for in a cleaning company?  Or perhaps the do’s and don’ts of carpet care?  The fact that although the workplace may appear clean, it isn’t clean at all! But let’s keep it simple to start, so let’s discuss what questions should you ask your current (or hopefully new) cleaning service provider.

            I am fortunate enough to have worked with some very experienced people in the industry.  Although I have been with Polar Building Cleaning Ltd. for almost three years, I have the pleasure of being surrounded by approximately 100 years of experience in the cleaning industry.  Everyday I have access to our Ownership, Cindy Corbett and Bob Gomulinski.  I can ask as many questions as I like and have learned (and continue to learn) a tremendous amount about the importance of a healthy and clean work environment.  Based on my experience so far, here is in my opinion, what matters most when screening a potential cleaning service provider:

Do they have a Quality Assurance Program?

I have found all too often that cleaning companies believe that if you own a mop, bucket and vacuum, you are now a cleaner.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Did you know that 90% of all cleaning companies (commercial and residential) fail?  That’s a staggering number and in my opinion it is due to quality and value.

You must ask your cleaning company how are they going to assure that quality cleaning is going to be performed at their office or facility.  Below is a list of items from our Quality Assurance Program that illustrates how we provide a quality service:

1.      Customized Service Plans

2.      High quality supplies and equipment

3.      Computerized operations management software

4.      Selective Hiring

5.      Employee Safety Training

6.      Routine Supervision

7.      Quality Inspections

8.      Ongoing customer input and feedback

9.      Employees work history and criminal background checked and verified

Do they have a Health and Safety Program?

Go ahead, ask your current or potential cleaning company if they have a Health and Safety Program.  If they do, ask their Health and Safety Coordinator to explain what is involved because if a company is concerned with their employee’s health and safety, they will be concerned with yours as a customer.

You deserve a company that is working safely.  They are not using vacuums with frayed cords, or performing other unsafe work at your workplace.   Do they have all the Safety Data Sheets available on site for all the products they are using?  Do they have a work alone policy and have all the emergency contact information needed in case they spot a fire or flood on the premises?

These are all items that a reputable, professional company will always address at every job site.

How do they resolve issues?

The most important attribute in any business is customer service.  In the cleaning business, especially.  How many times have you reached out to your point of contact with your cleaning service provider and not heard back from him/her in days?  There will always be issues that come up.  Perhaps its poor workmanship, perhaps the cleaners are missing picking up garbage in a specific area but whatever it may be a quality company acts immediately.  The customer service must be there.  We, personally, can be contacted 24/7 by phone and email.  We act quickly and efficiently on any concern that our customers might have.  Perhaps that is why we have been around for 30 years and continue to grow on a National scale. 

These are just some things you can ask your current or potentially new cleaning service provider.

I hope this blog entry has been informative and helps you in your path to a healthy and clean facility.

Best regards,

Andrew Penner

Sales Director