Degreasing and Interior Pressure Washing Service - Yes , we really do that.

As the summer and fall have wound down we are finally wrapping up some huge projects that we are proud to have completed. Interior and Exterior Pressure Washing has been a popular service in Winnipeg and surrounding areas as of late, especially Diesel garages. We concluded a great Interior Pressure Washing Service over a recent long weekend that involved cleaning an entire garage.

Winnipeg Warehouse DegreasingThe process was to degrease, scrub and wash all surfaces in the garage. Not an easy feat on a garage that hasn’t been cleaned in over 25 years! In the end it consisted of utilizing an aerial lift platform to reach the ceiling which had to be wiped. Also, we used Automatic Floor Scrubbers for the concrete floors as well as wiped every surface with microfibre cloths. Very demanding and strenuous!

Nevertheless, we prevailed with a little extra elbow grease and the garage came out beautiful! Another satisfied customer of Polar Building Cleaning and our Interior and Exterior Pressure Washing Service.